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2-handed Tapping I
2-handed Tapping II
12-bar Blues

Alto Clef Pitches
AP Favorites
AP Music Theory
Applied ChordsMore
Arch Maps
Arpeggiated Six-Four
Asymmetrical Time Signatures
Augmented Sixth Chords
Augmented Triads — See Triads.

Bass Clef Pitches
Binary Form
Blues & Blues Scale

Cadential Six-Four
Changing Time Signatures
Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Solfège
Circle of 5thsimages12 pts
Common Chords Compared
Contrary Motion
Counterpoint: BooksSpecies
Cross Rhythms:
2 x 33 x 2
4 x 33 x 4

3 notes
Familiar Major Triad Excerpts
1 to 5 and 5 to 1
Diatonic FiguresPractice
Beethoven 5, mvt 4
Grieg's "Peer Gynt"
Melodic - Familiar Tunes
Diminished Seventh Chord
Diminished Triads — See Triads.
Dim./Half-dim. 7th Chord Quiz
Diminished Scale
Dominant 7th ChordsEasy
Double Counterpoint =
 Invertible Counterpoint
Draw a Piano Keyboard

Enharmonic Equivalents
Examples by Women

Figured Bass: Triads  7th chords
Figures for Triads and 7th chords
Figures for inversions
Forms (Common)  
Fugue Glossary
Half Step
Half-diminished 7th Chord
Harmonic Cadences
Harmonic Minor Scale
Harmonic Progression  
Dominant Function Chords
Fifths Progressions
ii - V - I
Kostka and Payne diagram
Piston's table
Tonic Prolongations
Tree of Harmony

Interval Cartoon by M.M.
IntervalsI.D. (by ear)
Enharmonically Equivalent Intervals
To write intervals, memorize...
Intervals without Accidentals
For PracticeFrom TonicTritones
Interval Quizzes (without accidentals)
Interval Quizzes (with accidentals)
Invertible Counterpoint:
ChopsticksSilent Night

Keyboard (printable)
Keyboard HarmonyListening Quiz
Key Signatures  tableIdentifying
MajorminorName that key
Other ClefsRelative KeysAbbi

Major Seventh Chords
Maj., min. & dim. 7th chords
Major & Minor Seventh Chord Quiz
Major Pentatonic Scale
Major Scales
Major Triads — See Triads.
Melodic Inversion
Melodic Minor Scale
Melodic Structure
Memorized Singing I
Memorized Singing II
Metric Modulation
Minor Pentatonic Scale
Minor Scales: Natural
minor seventh chords
minor triads — See Triads.
ModesModes made Easy
Modulation Types Modulation Fun
Modulation and Tonicization
Motion between 2 voices
Motivic Transformation (rhythm alone)
Music Fundamentals
Music Notation Software

Natural Minor Scale
Neapolitan Sixth Chord
Nonharmonic Tones (Non-chord Tones)
Notation — Music Notation Style Guide
standard music notation practice   toc

Oblique Motion
Octatonic Scale
Order of Flats
Order of Sharps
Ostinato (melodic) Ostinato (rhythmic)
Overtones, etc.
Parallel Motion
Part Writing RulesPart Writing Tips
Passing Six-Four
Pedal Six-Four
Pentatonic Scale
Piano Keyboard (printable)

Read words, not letters
Reciting Rhythms and Conducting I
Reciting Rhythms and Conducting II
Rhythm Dictation: Simple MeterCompound Meter
Rhythms, SimpleRhythms, Compound and Irregular
Rhythm ConceptsRhythm “Magic”Rhythm Matching
Ritornello Form (under Rondo)
Rondo Form
Roman NumeralsRoman Numerals by M.M.
Roman numeral Worksheet  
Rounded Binary Form

ScalesWhole Steps & half steps
Scale DegreesName the Scale Degree (4 choices)
Score Reading at the Keyboard
Second Inversion Triads
Secondary Dominants (See Applied Chords.)
Seventh ChordsMade EasyWriting Quiz
Jazz 1Jazz 2Common Chords Compared
 I.D. Quizzes: 1–34–67–9
Sight Singing Books:
Eyes and Ears: An Anthology of Melodies for Sight-Singing
Melodia: A Comprehensive Course in Sight-Singing
Sight Singing I (a melody generator rather than a book)
Sight Singing II (various sources)
Similar Motion
Six-Four Chords
Solfège: MajorChromaticNatural Minor
Harmonic MinorMelodic MinorDO, RE, ME
Memorized Singing IMemorized Singing II
Sonata Form
Song Form
Species Counterpoint
Staff Paper
 Staves: 81012
 Grand Staff: SmallLarge
Blank FlashcardsFor Note Taking

Tendency Tones in MajorTendency Tones in C major
Tenor Clef Pitches
Ternary Form
Tonicization and Modulation
Transposing Instruments
Treble Clef Pitches
Triads Made EasySnowpeopleSnowpeople — half steps
 Major Triads: EasyNote NamesStaff
 minor triads: EasyNote NamesStaff
Simple I.D. QuizWriting Quiz
 I.D. Quizzes: 1–34–67–9

Voice Leading — See Part Writing.

Whole Tone Scale