MUAP 115 Class Instruction–Keyboard William Wieland
Northern State University, Every Semester, JFAC 175
Section 1: 1:00–1:50, Mondays and Wednesdays
Section 2: 1:00–1:50, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Instructor: Dr. William Wieland (
Office: Spafford Hall Room 304   Phone: 626-2499
Office Hours: Please refer to my Class Schedule.
JFAC 175: You can use your NSU I.D. to enter this room whenever JFAC is open. You may practice in this room or on a real piano in a practice room or classroom.
Prerequisite: None
Description: One to two semester hours credit for class instruction is given for two 50 minute class meetings. Adequate preparation through practice is expected of all students.
Practice: The NSU Music Major Handbook states, "For every applied lesson students are expected to practice five hours per week." This class meets twice a week. 3 hours of piano practice the rest of the week satisfies the practice expectation of this class. On those rare occasions when the instructor is absent from class, please practice.
Materials: A folder or 3-ring binder to hold music and exercises which you print from the Internet. Please bring a pencil every time you practice.
Optional Materials: Music books and/or sheet music.
Activities: Private practice, ensemble playing, individual evaluations, mini-recitals, lecture, personal instruction, and discussion.
Optional Activities: Putting Research into Practice: Creative Activities for College-Level Group Piano
Objectives: To learn to play piano at your own fastest pace and to master NSU Keyboard Competency Requirements.
Grades: 10% — Cadence Pattern Grading Rubric (5% Major and 5% Minor)
10% — Play “Happy Birthday” by Ear
10% — 5-finger Patterns & Scales (5% Major and 5% Minor)
10% — Harmonize an Unfamiliar MelodyGrading Rubric
10% — Lead SheetMini-recital
10% — Choral Scores
10% — Sight-reading
10% — Accompaniment (5% Quiz and 5% Mini-recital)

10% — Solo and Sing-along
10% — Attendance
A — 90 and above
B — 80 to 90
C — 70 to 80
D — 60 to 70
F — Below 60
Redos — You may improve any mini-recital grade by reperforming that piece for the class.
 — You may retake any quiz before 5:00 pm on the last day of class.
 — However, you may only reperform a particular mini-recital piece or retake a particular quiz once a day.
In semester 1, you must score higher than a 0 on every quiz and mini-recital to pass MUAP 115.
In semester 2, you must score a 40 or higher on every quiz and mini-recital to pass MUAP 115.
In semester 3, you must score a 60 or higher on every quiz and mini-recital to pass MUAP 115.
In semester 4, you must score a 70 or higher on every quiz and mini-recital to pass MUAP 115.
Official Notices: Student Academic Misconduct (Map)   Technology in the ClassroomMuch More
Caveat: This syllabus is subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.