Technology in the Classroom William Wieland
You may use technology in my classroom if it helps you learn. For example, you may
  • take notes,
  • follow along with my online materials, and
  • look up pertinent information.

However, I do not permit distracted learning. For example, you may not
  • chat,
  • text,
  • facebook, or
  • play games.
Social media and computer games are addictive and sometimes manipulative.
Final points to remember:
  • Writing notes by hand generally helps us learn better than typing notes.
  • Writing notes by hand certainly helps us learn better than taking photos of notes.
  • Technology may distract you, but even more troubling, it may distract others.
Learn to “singletask”. Turn off your distractions and really focus on the job at hand.
How To Focus in the Age of Distraction

An Instructor Saw Digital Distraction in Class. So She Showed Students What She’d Seen on Their Screens.
by Chris Quintana in The Chronicle of Higher Education on April 20, 2017