MUS 110L Sing and Play ScheduleSyllabusWilliam Wieland


Most Mondays I quickly check that everyone understands the assignment and can play some of it. In some cases we choose more challenging material. This is easiest and fastest to do in person, but you may also either schedule a Zoom meeting with me or submit a video before 5:00 pm on Friday. Finally, I evaluate your playing twice each semester, i.e. the MIDTERM and the FINAL.

33⅓% Monday Quick Checks — You score 100 points every week that you complete the quick check on time.
      After Friday at 5:00 pm that week, I deduct 10 points for every class day the quick check is late.
33⅓% Midterm
33⅓% Final

Each midterm and final item will be graded from 0–100 using the following rubric:
 100 points — substantially exceeded expectations
  85 points — good performance
  70 points — satisfactory performance
  50 points — struggled, but managed to play
  0 points — utterly failed to perform