MUS 411, Counterpoint, 2 credits
Northern State University, JFAC 175 (Keyboard Lab) — Class meets twice per week by arrangement.
Instructor: Dr. William Wieland   Office: Spafford Hall Room 304   Phone: 626-2499
Office Hours: Please refer to my Class Schedule.
E-mail: William.Wieland@northern.eduWWW Site: William Wieland, Musician & Educator
Course Description: Analysis and composition in contrapuntal techniques, with a concentration on the music of J.S. Bach.
Prerequisite: MUS 211
Instructional Methods: Analysis, composing, listening, reading, discussion, lecture, singing, playing, quizzes, and a comprehensive exam.
Required Text: Owen. Modal and Tonal Counterpoint. Schirmer, 1992.
Other Fine Texts: Counterpoint Books
Materials: Please bring a pencil, paper, scratch paper, and staff paper to every class. You will also receive handouts.
Grades: I weigh grades as follows: (½ credit for late work)
30% Weekly Assignments (Read the chapter before class each week.)

10% Introductory Concepts Quiz
10% Species Counterpoint Quiz
10% 18th Century Counterpoint Quiz

10% Round
10% Invention
10% Canon

10% Comprehensive Final Exam
A — 90% and above
B — 80% to 90%
C — 70% to 80%
D — 60% to 70%
F — Below 60%
What is an A? An A is going beyond what is usual. The student who simply meets the course requirements earns a B or C. An A indicates extraordinary work and a B is a good grade.
Attendance: Attendance is required. Of course, those with certified and serious reasons for missing class will be accomodated. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness usually results in lower grades. Students are responsible for information missed as a result of truancy.
Academic Honesty: Please refer to the Student Disciplinary Code of the NSU Student Handbook.
Official Notices: Student Academic Misconduct (Map)   Technology in the ClassroomMuch More
Caveat: This syllabus is subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.