Rhythm Assignment Music Composition Assignments   William Wieland
Composition Component

Compose 3 short pieces which we can listen to in class.
  • In the first piece, transform a rhythmic motive. See Motivic Transformation.
  • In the second and third pieces, experiment with the following: additive or asymmetric meter, changing meter or mixed meter, cross rhythm or polyrhythm, metric modulation, and/or polymeter. Review Rhythm Concepts.
Listening Component (Please answer the questions or do the assignments in parentheses.)

Asymmetric Meter: Tchaikovsky Symphony 6 movement 2—YouTube has recordings. (What is the time signature?)

Changing Meter: Stravinsky Rite of Spring "Sacrificial Dance"—YouTube has recordings.

Cross Rhythm: Perform 2 x 3, 3 x 2, 3 x 4, 4 x 3. (Creat one not listed here.)

Metric Modulation: Please watch this video.

Polymeter: Led Zeppelin "Kashmir"—YouTube has recordings. (What is the guitar time signature? What is the drum set time signature?)
  Mozart Don Giovanni Dances from Act 1, Scene 5
If time,

Listen to Steve Reich's Piano Phase and clapping music.