MUS 110, Music Theory I — Honors Prep William Wieland
Students with a solid background in music theory may take MUS 111, Music Theory II — Honors. Benefits include a more stimulating course and credits toward an honors degree. Students demonstrate "a solid background in music theory" in MUS 110 as follows.
Reach the last item of each performing exam: After you complete each performing area, you may begin MUS 111 material.
Complete all Music Fundamentals Quizzes.
After you score 100% on Fundamentals Exam II, read music which uses rare clefs.
  • The choral parts of a 19th century edition of “Sanctus” from Bach's B-minor Mass. (More Clefs)
  • Sanctus” from the B-minor Mass (Handwriting from the 1700s!)
After you score 100% on Fundamentals Exam III, write the following chords above any root: More Chords
If you are interested in MUS 111 honors, please contact Dr. Wieland early in the spring semester.