MUAP n10 and n11 Applied Music-Keyboard William Wieland
Northern State University, Every Semester, Spafford Hall Room 304
Instructor: Dr. William Wieland
Office: Spafford Hall Room 304
Phone: 626-2499
Office Hours: Please refer to my Class Schedule.
E-mail Address:
Prerequisite: None, but I assume you have previously taken piano lessons.
Description: One to two semester hours credit for private lessons is given for one half-hour lesson per week. Music majors studying in the major performance area may elect two half-hour lessons per week for two to four hours of credit. Adequate preparation through practice is expected of all students.
Text(s): Determined at lessons. Please bring books you have used in the past to your first lesson.
Materials: Please bring a pencil every time you practice. You will also receive handouts.
Activities: Private practice, exercises, ensemble playing, discussion, lecture and jury. The jury will entail performing a piece from memory for the piano faculty.
Objectives: To learn to play piano at your own fastest pace. Music majors will also prepare for the Keyboard Competency .
Attendance: 5 minutes late is considered tardy and being tardy twice is equal to one absence. An unexcused absence earns a zero for any goal scheduled that day.
Practice: According to the NSU Music Major Handbook, "For every applied lesson students are expected to practice five hours per week."
Grades: At every lesson, we will set measurable goals for the coming week. I will grade each goal from 0–100.

A — 90 and above
B — 80 to 90
C — 70 to 80
D — 60 to 70
F — Below 60 (An unexcused absence is a 0. You will earn 30 points if you do no work, but appear for your lesson.)

Each week I will average your points. I will average the weekly points to determine your semester grade. I will calculate your grade early in the semester, at midterm and at the end of the semester.
What is an A? An A is going beyond what is usual. Students who simply meet minimum course requirements earn Bs or Cs. An A indicates extraordinary work and a B is a good grade.
Academic Honesty: Please refer to the Student Disciplinary Code of the NSU Student Handbook.
Official Notices
Caveat: This syllabus is subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.