MUS 715 Reflection Essay 1 — Music Fundamentals for My Students William Wieland
Describe in detail a new approach or two for teaching music fundamentals to your own students that you plan to adopt in the near future.
Perhaps you have intended to try something new for some time. Now is the time to put it in writing.

Draw upon your training and experience as well as discussions you have had with colleagues—including this class.

Free Online Resources:


100 pts. — 2 or more new approaches
 60 pts. — 1 new approach
 0 pts. — nothing

Length — Please use few words. As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Two paragraphs will suffice. (A paragraph is several sentences.)

Content — The goal is to improve your own teaching. Substance is most important to me.

You may write informally. However, if you are more comfortable following The Chicago Manual of Style, the APA Manual, or another, that is fine.