MUS 715 Proctored Comprehensive Music Fundamentals Exam William Wieland
Before November, identify a responsible adult (no relative) to proctor this test. Place your proctor’s name and e-mail address in the appropriate D2L Dropbox.
In early November I will e-mail the following message to your proctor:
  Dear ProctorName,

Thank you for proctoring StudentFullName’s music fundamentals exam at your earliest convenience before December 6, 2023. Please print one copy of each of the following pages. If you use narrow margins, each page should fit on a single sheet of paper. You may refresh the screen or reload the page for new questions. StudentFirstName needs a pencil and about an hour at a quiet desk or table. S/he may also have blank paper including blank music staff paper. Class notes and books are not permitted. When s/he has finished the test, please either scan or photograph each page and e-mail the three files to or simply mail the pages to my address below.

NSU Box 1011
1200 S Jay St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Thanks again for your assistance!

William Wieland
Question:1.2.a.–2.f.2.g.2.h. & 2.i.3.a.3.b.3.c.4.a.4.b.4.c.4.d.5.a.5.b.5.c.6.a.6.b.6.c.6.d.
100 points:5 2 each 3 2 each 8 6 6 4 4 5 5 3 3 6 8 6 5 7
Timeline: I require a month to pass between the music fundamentals self tests and the comprehensive music fundamentals exam because spaced repetition is a proven learning technique.